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Theme of the week is: summer holidays

AS Philosophy & Ethics

Course Accreditation: AS Level Philosophy & Ethics      


Examining Board: OCR

Method of Assessment:
2 x 1.5 Hour Exams in Year 12
2 x 1.5 Hour Exams in Year 13


Course Content
Areas studied are the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics


Lesson style
Variety of teacher led, group discussions, individual research and feedback


Time Allocation
Due to a change in the syllabus details are to be confirmed


Private Study Requirement
4 -5 hours per week


Extra Curricular Opportunities
Trips and Visits


Advisable for following careers
Journalism, Social Work, Community Services, Researcher, Communication, Marketing, Local Government


Good Combination With
History, Politics, Law, Sociology, Science


Link Tutors: Miss A Revell